This is a true story about my past. Not sure why I’m putting this up. ======================================== We Watched The Lost Horizon By R. E. Bearlee When you’re in high school all the responsible people yammered on about college. How important it is and all things you have to do excellently to get there. The test […]

Washed Up By R. E. Bearlee We’re sitting here talking and knocking em back..having a good time right? You’re a cool guy so I gotta ask you something. You believe in ghosts? Yeah yeah the band. It was fun while it lasted, but everyone’s been so busy lately with the economy and all. Our drummer […]


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Abram Jefferson


Stomp by R. E. Bearlee The night air felt cool and fresh as I stomped the cracked cement. When I’m out in the street my eyes are scanning. I can see the problems clear in front of me. The rusted out city is my home and the vacant space still looked like opportunity. I had […]

She asked: “Why Bother?” by R.E. Bearlee Where is the right place to look for love? Most will say at concerts, the gym, bookstores, church or the supermarket. Although many will argue over the proper places to accept relationship applications; everyone can agree on which places are the wrong ones. Some top baddies are rehab […]

The Secret Side by R.E. Bearlee ::4:38 AM:: Paul Jones opened his eyes and in an instant he was pulled back to full reality. The night was still the same night he left when he slipped into slumberland. The shadows were the same but his body position was not. As he sat up and looked […]