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Love 13 Chapter 1

Love 13 by R. E. Bearlee 1:::Waiting For An Alibi… I don’t believe in fate. Things just don’t fall into place. Life is what you make it. That is what I have to believe. If I believed anything else I’m sure I’d be a loser. Gotta grab the bull by the horns and all that […]

Love 13 Chapter 2

Love 13 by R. E. Bearlee 2:::Wild One… Of course I went to the bathroom. Galba’s face at first was sort of shocking. I had to get a good look at myself in some real light. I dashed in the men’s room, closing the thumping music behind me with the door. I stared hard into […]

Love 13 Chapter 3

Love 13 by R. E. Bearlee 3:::Dancing In The Moonlight… Victor always thought he knew better than us. I guess it is because he’s older. I swear sometimes he thought he knew better than our folks too. The day he said he was coming over I cleaned up. He still said the place looked like […]

Love 13 Chapter 4

>>>>>>>>>>>>>#############TENSE CHANGE#############<<<<<<<<<<<<< Love 13 By R. E. Bearlee 4:::Cold Sweat… Tom was sitting on the couch with Violet with only the dim lamp light in the corner of the hotel room. It was around 8 pm; the sun had recently set and the night was closing in outside. Tom had only been there for a […]

Love 13 Chapter 5

Love 13 by R. E. Bearlee 5:::Killer On The Loose… Violet stepped out of the bathroom wearing a black pencil skirt with matching fishnets. She wore black flats with silver buckles on them. Her shit was was fishnet with a black haltertop underneath. She wore no earrings or necklaces, no bracelets or rings. She had […]

F and U

This is a short play I wrote in 2006 for an assignment. I uncovered it and tweaked it a bit. Whoa I was such a deep 20 year old. That previous sentence was sarcastic. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ F.U. by R. E. Bearlee [SETTING: A downtown alley beside a bar at 3 AM. A man in a disheveled […]

Washed Up

Washed Up By R. E. Bearlee We’re sitting here talking and knocking em back..having a good time right? You’re a cool guy so I gotta ask you something. You believe in ghosts? Yeah yeah the band. It was fun while it lasted, but everyone’s been so busy lately with the economy and all. Our drummer […]