A quick rundown for easy access!

  • Love 13 (2013):::: Set in Detroit during the fall of 2013. A man meets a woman and gets carried away! A tragedy. Warning: for mature readers. There is sex.

Chapter 5: Killer On The Loose
Chapter 4: Cold Sweat
Chapter 3: Dancing In The Moonlight
Chapter 2: Wild One
Chapter 1: Waiting For An Alibi

  • F and U (2006):::: A short script I wrote in 2006, dug out and polished up. A guy down in the dumps meets his guardian angel.
  • Washed Up (2012):::: A spooooooooky tale! No name local rocker gets more than he bargained for.
  • Stomp (2012):::: This one is very short. Less than 1500 words. A man on the fringe takes a stroll he won’t forget.
  • She Asked: “Why Bother?” (2011):::: A lady goes out on a date. It is supposed to be funny.
    Fluffy words from a pal: “She asked: “Why Bother?” follows youth down a sidewalk, and around the confusing sidestreets that lead us to one another.”
  • The Secret Side (2009):::: A guy named Paul has some fun on his day off with a girl he likes…gets some comics and gets yelled at by his mom. Not in that order.

Fluffy words from a pal: “Plundering why with our friend Paul he enjoys a romp among figures in mint condition, pages worn and remembered, and a dame most superficial.”

  • Café De Marquis (2006):::: An asshole gets dumped and beats himself up about it. He kinda tries to get his girl back, wusses out and ends up more hurt. Cool.
    Fluffy words from a pal: “Café De Marquis reads the same as hearing an old song for the first time; it feels alien in some respects but you still find parts relatable.”



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