A quick rundown for easy access! Love 13 (2013):::: Set in Detroit during the fall of 2013. A man meets a woman and gets carried away! A tragedy. Warning: for mature readers. There is sex. Chapter 5: Killer On The Loose Chapter 4: Cold Sweat Chapter 3: Dancing In The Moonlight Chapter 2: Wild One […]

Love 13 by R. E. Bearlee 1:::Waiting For An Alibi… I don’t believe in fate. Things just don’t fall into place. Life is what you make it. That is what I have to believe. If I believed anything else I’m sure I’d be a loser. Gotta grab the bull by the horns and all that […]

Love 13 by R. E. Bearlee 2:::Wild One… Of course I went to the bathroom. Galba’s face at first was sort of shocking. I had to get a good look at myself in some real light. I dashed in the men’s room, closing the thumping music behind me with the door. I stared hard into […]

Love 13 by R. E. Bearlee 3:::Dancing In The Moonlight… Victor always thought he knew better than us. I guess it is because he’s older. I swear sometimes he thought he knew better than our folks too. The day he said he was coming over I cleaned up. He still said the place looked like […]

>>>>>>>>>>>>>#############TENSE CHANGE#############<<<<<<<<<<<<< Love 13 By R. E. Bearlee 4:::Cold Sweat… Tom was sitting on the couch with Violet with only the dim lamp light in the corner of the hotel room. It was around 8 pm; the sun had recently set and the night was closing in outside. Tom had only been there for a […]

Love 13 by R. E. Bearlee 5:::Killer On The Loose… Violet stepped out of the bathroom wearing a black pencil skirt with matching fishnets. She wore black flats with silver buckles on them. Her shit was was fishnet with a black haltertop underneath. She wore no earrings or necklaces, no bracelets or rings. She had […]

This is a short play I wrote in 2006 for an assignment. I uncovered it and tweaked it a bit. Whoa I was such a deep 20 year old. That previous sentence was sarcastic. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ F.U. by R. E. Bearlee [SETTING: A downtown alley beside a bar at 3 AM. A man in a disheveled […]